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Oh-So-Simple Roast Chicken

December 11, 2010

I’ve been a chicken. It’s true. I’ve been hiding from all of you. See, I’m ashamed that I haven’t posted in a gajillion months. I’ve been cooking since I last wrote, but the combo of lots of failed recipes and a crazy busy schedule turned me into a bad blogger.

Antoine’s been telling me to blog. I wake up every morning and he’s staring at me and whispering “Blog! Blog! Blog!” over and over. It’s creepy really. Please tell him to stop.

But I am back and I’m gonna try really hard to blog lots more. It’s the holiday season after all, and that means lots of cooking! First up, let me share this totally moist and delish roast chicken that I made a few weeks ago.

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Mustard Roasted Potatoes

October 4, 2010

Antoine is a mashed potatoes kind of guy. Me? I’m less picky when it comes to my taters. I like them mashed, fried, and in tot form. One form I’ve never been a huge fan of is roasted. They dry out so easily and don’t pack much flavor. But then I happened upon a Dijon roasted potato recipe and it sounded SO good that I had to give roasted taters another shot. And you know what? I’m glad I did because these were bangin’.

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Ready, Set, Blog!

September 20, 2010


I have a delicious vanilla pound cake recipe coming to you later. But, first, I wanted to tell you about a little contest I’ve entered.

It’s Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog and it’s awesome. Foodbuzz is a site that features awesome posts from food blogger’s around the world. It’s where I’ve discovered some of my favorite fellow bloggers and it inspired me to start my own blog.

The contest is made up of lots of different challenges. Each round, bloggers will be eliminated until one fantastic blogger is left standing.

The first challenge was to write a posts that really tells readers who you are. Most people did a summary of why they started blogging and what inspires them. I chose to submit this post. The reason: Our blog is new and I didn’t feel like I needed to rehash that info (you can just look in the About section). I felt the Tomato Cream Sauce post was a perfect representation of what this blog really is— a place for two people to experiment with their cooking.

So, here’s what I need from you. I need you to vote for me. It’s easy and painless, just click on the link and hit vote. I’ll repay each and everyone of you that votes with cookies. Promise!

Here’s the link:

Make This Tomato Cream Sauce. Seriously, Do It Now!

September 13, 2010

Antoine started school last week. He’s getting a graduate degree in publishing and takes night classes three nights a week. It’s pretty lonely and sad around here without him. No, really. I can’t even tell you how awful it is not to have someone mocking Kim and Kourtney as I try to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Alright, fine. You’ve twisted my arm. I’ll tell you the truth, part of me is sad to be chillin’ all by my lonesome three nights a week. But the other part of me? ECSTATIC! Not only do I get to catch up on all of my terrible amazing reality shows, I can experiment in the kitchen without the A-Man distracting me or throwing in suggestions.

My first solo kitchen project? Coming up with another go-to pasta recipe. If you haven’t noticed Antoine and I are both huge fans of meals that are hearty and easy to prepare. And we like ‘em even more if they use some form of noodles. In honor of Antoine’s first week, I decided to come up with something that would really speak to his palate. I didn’t think I my heart (or hips!) could take a butter and bacon focused dish. So, I moved on to his next two favorite ingredients: Sausage and Cream! Here’s what I came up with…

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We didn’t forget you!

September 10, 2010

No, we didn’t get a kitten. Gross. Sorry, I have no soul. Cats kinda gross me out. But I know a lot of people find them cute. So, this kitty picture is supposed to butter you up and make you forget we’ve taken a month long hiatus!

We had a lot going on— Antoine got a new job and is starting a masters program and I’ve been busy at work. But we still LOVE food and we will be back in full blogging force this weekend.

Even more exciting, I am entering Project Food Blog and will be competing with other top food bloggers! I’ll be posting some challenge posts and will absolutely need your votes! Stay tuned for info on that.

We’ll be cooking all weekend just for you!

Pickles, Pickles, and More Pickles!

August 10, 2010

Last weekend Antoine and I hit up the farmer’s market in hopes of buying some duck breasts. They were out of duck, but we did happen upon some perfect looking kirby cucumbers. They are so little, green, and adorable that I couldn’t resist buy a few…pounds. Seriously, we got a ton. Of course, what does one do with kirby’s? Make pickles! Antoine loves pickles. I do not love pickles. In fact, if a pickle touches anything I’m intending to eat, I can’t eat it. That’s how much I dislike the things. But, the idea of pickling intrigued me so I decided to give it a whirl. And you know what? I’m now obsessed with pickles. I’m so in love with them you might want to start calling me Snooki.

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Twice Baked Potatoes

August 5, 2010

And….we’re back! Summer’s been crazy for Antoine and I– we’ve gone to weddings, been on business trips, and taken fun mini-vacations with friends. It’s been a blast, but the blog has suffered a bit. But not to worry, we’re back with a vengeance and have been cooking up a storm.

A few weeks ago Mad Men premiered and we are both obsessed with it. More specifically we both have a major crush on Joan (hey, I’m not afraid to admit to a little girl crush….seriously, those hips, the hair, the clothes!). In honor of the new season, I decided to whip up a 60s inspired meal that we could eat while watching. And what’s more Susie Homemaker than steak and potatoes? I mulled over my tater option— mashed, au gratin, roasted— before settling on twice baked. My friend, Patrick, makes fantastic ones so I texted him for his recipe and made a few alterations.

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